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Biomass pellets is no more strange to people nowadays, still lots of people don't know how it is made. Well, Not a secret anymore, start to know about the pellet production line right here!
Wood Pellet

1.Pay More Attention on Material Handling

You may know that wood and other biomass sources like branch, saw dust, bamboo, wheat straw, peanut shell, rick husk, sun flow stem, palm kernel shell and etc. can be used for pellet making material. However, there are something shall be paid more attention here:
Material Handling

1.Select the suitable material to meet your target market.

Different material has different characteristic, surely their pellet features will be different. Before you establish you pellet plant, you shall make it clear that the heat valve, ash and nitrogen content etc of your pellets suit your target market. We have pellet testing report here done by SGS, contact us for this testing report today!
suitable material

2.Sufficient Material Supply is essential.

Constant material supply is necessary for running a pellet plant. For instance, a plant at the capacity of 2T/H at least shall have 60T material in the stock daily.
Material Supply

3.Need to figure out moisture content.

Moisture Content. Generally, the ideal moisture content of the material is 15%, if lower than 15%, some water or vegetable oil will be added and mixed before production. If higher than 15%, there shall be equipped with a dryer.

4.Do I need a dryer or not?

Select a good locationWhen you plan to establish your pellet plant, you shall know that a dryer will take up a big share of the investment, approximate 30% to 40% of the total investment. Some of my clients asked other factories to dry the material for them instead of installing the dryer to save the money. However, if you plan to install the drying system, you shall think about the fuel for the heat stove. Gas, coal, and oil is a common fuel, but you can also use the biomass pellets!

5.Select a good location.

In order to save the production cost, the chosen location of the factory site should be rational. One factor to take into consideration is that the location should be close to the supply area of raw material. The more closer, the less you have to pay for transporting the raw material. Additionally, other factors such as if the three-phase is needed or not shall also be considered.

2.You know, the wood or biomass pellet is mainly manufactured by this machine. Come to Know the Core Machine of the Pellet Production Line ------Ring Die Pellet Mill

1.How is the pellets made by the ring die pellet mill?

The working principleof the machine is easy to understand-small particle sized material feeding into the pelleting machine, two rollers will press the material into the 6mm or 8mm stainless steel ring die to form a solid pellet. However, different material needs different ring die, mainly depending on the material compress ratio. We design the appropriate taper and thickness of the die to create press for the lignin to reach sufficient temperature and bind the material together.
Ring Die Pellet Mill

2.The best way to transmit the power.

What is best way to transmit the power to the pelleting machine, Gear or Belt? Gears and belts are the two most common options. However, when your productivity is over 30 tpd, gears would be the better choice. So what are the benefits of gears? Gears provide a more efficient transition of power from the motor to the pelleting machine, and it can reach 99.9%, while belt is about 70%. People may be more concerned about the high temperature generated by the gear may harm the machine, but we can assure you that our patented technology has resolved this problem.
pellet mill

3.How to cool the high temperature and moisture?

Wood Pellet PackingWhen the material press through the ring die, cutting and feeding out from the machine chamber, it remains a high temperature up to 90 degrees. The pellets is still soft with the moisture content over 10%. The pellets is moving up by conveyor through into a cooler. A special counter air flow cooler, then cool them into room temperature and evaporate the moisture to make it firm enough for storage and transportation. The moisture content usually ranges from 6% to 10% after cooling.

Wood Pellet Packing and Loading

Some clients will directly transport the pellet to their warehouse or a open truck without packing. But generally, lots of clients still prefer to pack them, 20kg or 25kg per bag. A Semi-Auto Packing Machine is a good choice, but need to assisted by manual. All the bagging pellets will be loaded by a truck or container, delivering to the power plant, steam station and etc.

Why Choose GEMCO Biofuel TECH?

Anyang GMECO Energy Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the first Chinese companies to initiate its own research capabilities in biomass pelleting technology. the company's engineers have engaged with Tsinghua University professors specialized in biomass pelleting technology. GEMCO is now China's leader in biomass pelleting technology, possessing five national inventive patents and over 20 utility model patents. Till 2010, Anyang GMECO Energy Machinery Co., Ltd has installed more than 200 production lines throughout China.
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